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david clark
28-Jan-2004, 21:00
Hi, I had a chance to buy a 150mm red dot artar, Schneider, in compur I think. Anyone have experience of this lens? what it is good at? Thanks.

John Kasaian
28-Jan-2004, 21:28

I don't know about your specific lens, but I've got four artars, two red dots, two apos, and IMHO, to get a useful image circle, I think you're better off with a longer lens than what would be considered "normal" for whatever format you're using. For general photography I would think a 150mm Artar on a 4x5 would be a very tight fit and might not allow any moves at all, and possibly even vignette. A 210mm however, would probably work out OK. For example, I know my 14" Artar allows for some movement on my 8x10, so I'd be quite suspect of sticking on a 12"er---close to the equivalent of a 150mm on a 4x5---to the front of the ol 'dorff. Your milage, as they say, may vary. Good Luck!

neil poulsen
28-Jan-2004, 21:37
I had a 12" Red Dot Artar. These lenses are legendary for their sharpness. But mine was soft at large distances. Of course, an artar is a process lens. Some were specifically adjusted at the factory for long distances. A good lens person can sometimes adjust the lens for distance shooting, even though it was originally optimized for copy distances.

Robert Brown
28-Jan-2004, 23:26
Hi David If you want someone who knows (and idolizes) red dot Arters, click onto e**y and search by seller for dagor77. (Andrew in Hollywood). If there is any info on Arters, he has it. You can get his email address from his e**y auction site, plus he has a great sense of humor to boot!

Ernest Purdum
29-Jan-2004, 06:23
Goerz listed the Red Dot Artar as covering 3 1/4" X 4 1/4" at infinity.

CP Goerz
29-Jan-2004, 11:52
Thanks for the kind words R :-)

The wee Artar will cover 4x5 without any problem but the bigger problem as I see it is the slow aperture size, a faster lens of maybe F6.8 size may be a better choice.

CP Goerz

29-Jan-2004, 18:50
I use a 4" red Dot Artar on my 6 x 9 Arca Swiss with no problems. I would not have enough coverage to do architectual shots, however it is not wide enough for that use anyhow! Bill