View Full Version : Info. on 300mm F5.6 Fujinon W in Copal 3

Simon Benton
1-Jun-2012, 10:21
I have just received a 300mm f5.6 Fujinon W in Copal 3 with the lettering on the filter ring. Can anyone who has the same lens let me know the spacing from the outer edge of the front barrel and the outer edge of the rear barrel. I got the lens cheaply because it was claimed that the rear element could not be unscrewed and therefore could not be mounted on a lensboard. I got it unscrewed using padded vises but I just want to check that the spacing is correct. Any information gratefully received.

1-Jun-2012, 13:28
Good score. I have a Fujinar 300mm f5.6 in a Copal 3 and it is a nice lens. I "think" it is a earlier version of your lens. If no one posts before I get home, I'll check mine (knowing it might be different than yours).

Oren Grad
1-Jun-2012, 13:34
FWIW, the literature that Kerry Thalmann has for the WS series lists a spec of 95.0 mm for overall length of the 300:


Henry Ambrose
1-Jun-2012, 16:15
I had one and its a very nice lens if the size does not bother you.
Sorry can't help on spacing. Shoot a sheet and see if you don't get an answer soon.

2-Jun-2012, 08:33
It just happens that I used this same lens yesterday on an 8x10 P/N test. I will measure it Monday.


5-Jun-2012, 05:52
68.2mm from from barrel to barrel. I did not measure from glass to glass, but I can if needed. Here is a shot taken with this lens


Simon Benton
5-Jun-2012, 09:09
Thank you all who replied. My distance is 95mm which agrees with the specs from Oren. Image on ground glass is very sharp so hopefully I have the correct spacing.