View Full Version : I need a book on toning prints

Ralph Miyashiro
1-Jun-2012, 10:04
Can anyone recommend a book on techniques for print toning. I know nothing about toning. Also would like paper suggestions. Looking for a paper that responds to a wide range of toners, not one that excels in only one area (currently printing on Ilford MGIV and Arista Edu Ultra). Thanks.

bob carnie
1-Jun-2012, 10:06
Tim Rudmans book on Toning

Eddie Ephrams - Creative Elements & Gradient Light

Doug Howk
1-Jun-2012, 14:14
Tim Rudman's Toning book is available on the used book market but at rather high prices. You can get a new reprinted version directly from the author at Tim Rudman website (http://www.timrudman.com/content/toning-book-reprint#the-book)