View Full Version : A LUC No. 6 or other options for front loading shutters?

John Fink Jr.
1-Jun-2012, 08:23
I am looking for a LUC No.6 shutter for my 19" Goerz RD Apo Artar.
I have posted several times in the FS/WTB with no response.
Does anyone have any suggestions on other front loading LUC type shutters that may be available for this lens?
I'm not really interested in a Packard type, just want something easy to attach to the front.
Until then, I'll be using the lens cap:-)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Louis Pacilla
1-Jun-2012, 09:24
Hey Frank, You can try a larger shutter like a #4 or #5 Compound or Ilex Universal. This will offer you a few shutters speeds. Albeit no faster than 50th second but you get some slow speeds all the way down to 1 second.

You will have to figure a way to attach it to the front of the barrel. You could have a local machine shop manufacture a clamping device for the rear of the shutter. If your handy you can do this yourself.

John Fink Jr.
1-Jun-2012, 11:20
Thanks Louis, I appreciate the info. I will look into this option as well.
I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible.