View Full Version : Which shutters will suit this casket set?

Steven Tribe
1-Jun-2012, 02:00
This is an aplanatic casket set - model C from Busch.
This was termed the Unicum set - and indeed, it was supplied with (size 2?) a unicum shutter.
The shutter gave up the ghost many decades ago - no mechanicals remain.
I have another (size 1) unicum and can see that the RR cells in this fit well into an Alphax (1?).
I have no illusions about the availability (and reliability!) of the bigger Unicum shutter, but perhaps there is a second/third generation shutter that has the same dimensions as the Unicum 2?

Steven Tribe
3-Dec-2017, 13:31
Asking the question once more!

3-Dec-2017, 14:32
Asking the question once more!

I always thought casket sets were all barrel lens. As such they needed packard or film plane shutters. Or at least a Stetson.


Steven Tribe
3-Dec-2017, 15:23
Nope! They started as plain barrels, with some kind of iris. But as central shutters appeared towards the end of the 19th century, they replaced the plain barrel. Early shutters were reasonable - for a few years use, at least!

3-Dec-2017, 17:16
Bet SKG could make an adapter to fit a modern shutter

Mark Sawyer
3-Dec-2017, 17:29
Here's a page with the sizes of the more common shutters, along with some commentary:


Darren Kruger
3-Dec-2017, 18:01
DoWhat are the measurements of the threads on the lens cells? Can you also measure the thickness of the old shutter where the elements screw in?