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30-May-2012, 17:49
Hi all

So I dropped my Linhoff Technika IV and broke the four ball joint posts that extend for the swing back. I've removed the remains of the ball joints from the back and I'm using whats left of the posts to hold the back in place. The posts, coupled with the sprung clips on the side are doing an alright job but I'd like to get my rear movements back.
I've got a machinist friend who's going to take a look at it and see what he can make for me but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find these parts. I've heard the name Marflex quite a bit but can't seem to get a hold of anyone at the number I've found. They also seem to have no web-presence.
Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what the proper name for these ball joint rods is.


30-May-2012, 18:07
Can't offer an answer, but you have my sympathy.

David A. Goldfarb
30-May-2012, 18:48
Keep calling. Martin Arndt is just one person. He's more likely to answer the phone, in my experience than to respond to e-mail.

Dan Henderson
30-May-2012, 18:50
As someone who has inadvertently abused his share of camera equipment, my sympathies are with you as well.
Maybe you can find a beater Tech to buy and swap the parts into yours?

Vick Ko
30-May-2012, 20:44
I'm assuming you got the contact information here: http://www.linhof.de/kontakt-e.html

Maybe contact Linhof directly: http://www.linhof.de/service_e.html


Bob Salomon
31-May-2012, 02:57
You did leave Martin a voice message though? Just be aware, neither the factory or repair centers have parts any longer for most IV cameras. So it might be a bit more complicated then you expect. Was the camera insured?

31-May-2012, 04:50
I did the same thing to my Technika III - the tripod with camera attached fell to the concrete floor. The impact only damaged 1 corner. I have a set of these parts that I removed from a rail version of the Technika IV. The screw in part, the post, spring and the knurled part you screw/unscrew. If you can't find the parts, then you are welcome to mine. I do not intend to drop my Technika IV!

Brian Ellis
31-May-2012, 05:49
I did the same thing you did with my Tech V (gust of wind blew the tripod over with the camera on it and wrecked the back). Martin/Marflex was able to repair mine only because he happened to have some Tech V backs laying around. The problem is that the internal mechanism of the backs was completely redesigned between the Tech V and the Master. So even though the knobs and other exterior parts look the same, inside they're very different and in general parts for the pre-Master Technika backs are no longer available. Of course I don't know what parts you need so this may not be a problem for you.

IIRC Martin/Marflex moved to North Carolina some years ago. Are you calling him at a NC area code or his earlier area code, which was in NJ or somewhere like that.

When inquiring about parts it would be nice if you told us where you're located. Even better if you could include that information along with your name or alias when you join.

billie williams
31-May-2012, 06:08

Here's a guy who repairs Llnhofs and is in Thousand Oaks, CA. I haven't had the need to use him yet. I just keep his number very handy in case something happens to my old Technika iii.


i found him through a series of articles that he wrote about the Linhof:
Good luck getting your camera repaired.

31-May-2012, 08:00
Ah, good to know that Marflex is only the one guy. I'll keep trying to reach him. I apparently had his NJ phone number.
I'm in Canada so it looks like Blazes might be the company to contact. They seem more like a lighting company than camera equipment though.
Thanks for the offer of your parts linhofbiker. I'll see what my machinist friend says about making some new ones from the right gauge steel rods. If it's going to be too much work/money I may just get a hold of you for your rods.
The fall was about 3 feet and most of the damage I was able to fix with about half an hour of tinkering and careful reshaping. I'm glad it's only these rods I'm looking for: the ground glass didn't even break and the rangefinder is still zeroed in.

Thanks for the help and kind words. I'll hopefully post later today with an update.


Bob Salomon
31-May-2012, 08:11
And is the back still properly aligned to the front standard when everything is at the 0 position?

31-May-2012, 09:47
It seems strange that only the rods were affected. I have 3 of them, the fourth is in use by my Technika IV. The rotating parts at the end are very stiff - I have soaked them in fluid but they are still very stiff to rotate.

31-May-2012, 17:34
Thanks for all the help and info everyone and thanks linhofbiker for kindly sending me your spare rods.
I too was surprised by how little damage the camera actually took from its fall. . . after I collected myself and set to reshaping what was bent. A testament to the construction of the Linhof that only the rods broke (and at the weak point of the ball joints.
I've since tested everything and when I get the rods it'll be like this never happened.

I'm glad there a supportive community out there for this kind of thing.
Happy shooting all