View Full Version : Cambo SC, SCX & legend series compatibility

Derek Brown
25-Jan-2004, 12:38
Having decided to make the leap up from 4x5 to 8x10 I've been offered a very good condition, reasonably priced Cambo SCX 8x10. My one concern is that it appears to use a different monorail to either the SC or Legend series. Does anyone have knowledge of the SCX system and know whether other SC or legend items are compatible or was this a "dead-end" system from Cambo? I will be contacting Cambo themselves to get info, but wanted to get some users opinions as well.

Paul Brown
9-May-2004, 18:32
Let me know if you are intrested in another scx, I have 3 in excelent condition, they were studio cameras. I have not figured out if the rail can be extended though, I just got these last week in a hasselblad trade. I am not a dealer, just a starving artist who likes to work in all formats, except 110. Best Regards, Paul Brown 336-856-2056