View Full Version : Does anyone have few 12x20" Ektachrome or Fuji film for sale ?

23-Jan-2004, 19:37
I am looking for few sheets of Ektachrome of Fujichrome (E6) 12x20" film not outdated. Also, anybody know a Lab that will process 12x20" E6 ? please responde to : guerrabn@aol.com thanks!!! b.guerra

Juergen Sattler
3-Feb-2004, 13:06
B&H is selling 12x20 B&W film from Bergger for $178 (25 sheets) - I have not seen Fuji film in that size anywhere. Good luck with this huge camera Juergen

Walt Byrnes
31-May-2005, 22:43
Ilfachrome paper can be cut and loaded into film holders and exposed.That may provide a polychromatic option for you. walt

Struan Gray
1-Jun-2005, 02:16
Fuji's catalogue used to list their E6 duping film, CDU II in mammoth sizes.