View Full Version : Lens for Technica III

Leonard Metcalf
1-Jun-1999, 02:28
I own a Technica III (1950's Model) and wish to purchase a new 150mm lens for it (with the largest possible image circle). As I use it for long bushwalks it i s important that I can close the camera with the lens in it. Which 150mm lens w ill fit inside the folded camera? Lastly where can I purchase the lens boards f or this old camera?

Thank you

QT Luong
8-Jun-1999, 18:05
The apo-sironar-s 150, the lens of "normal" (ie plasmat) design with the largest image circle, will fit into my Technika IV folded. I've seen a few lensboards for the III on rec.photo.marketplace recently.