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alex from holland
20-May-2012, 13:32
I recently "found" this Darlot Cone
It is dated 1862 (on the glass) and it measures about 20 1/2 inch focal lenght
So it will be around f6. How much will it cover wide open ?
lenght is about 33cm (without knob) which is about 13 inches.
So show the size it photographed it beside my 3b
Can anyone give me some more info about these lenses ?

Had a quick search on the WWW, but these is not much info available.




Steven Tribe
20-May-2012, 15:34
Every time I see one of these, I think that they could also be used for making coffee in an emergency! Reminds of the espresso machines of my youth.

Seriously Alex, this is a fine example. Is it splitable or have central stops/lens+ Eddie has a nice video striptease of one of his.
The German regular auctions usually have a fine selection of various sizes.

Coverage - depends on your demands for out of focus qualities.

20-May-2012, 17:18
I recently "found" this Darlot Cone...How much will it cover wide open ?
lenght is about 33cm (without knob) which is about 13 inches...

Nice lens. As far as coverage, you are the best judge of that, Jamin/Darlot lenses varied a lot, and I don't know of any catalog that listed the sizes this early. Just hold it up 20 inches from a wall with an assistant and a tape measure.

One thing to check is if there is micro writing engraved in the face of the rear glass lens. It will be right near the edge etched into the face of the glass, not the edge. One of mine has this that reads "Jamin". Some early French lenses also had the serial number engraved.

20-May-2012, 17:54
Hi Alex, if the height is 13", then the GG image cast should be 12x15, in the old days, I am sure it was intended for 10x12, but you know modern people like to see the soft edges:D Nice find. I now find there are 8 sizes of cones with the third one (intended for whole plate) as the most common one. 90% of time you see that size instead. I have 6 sizes.

21-May-2012, 03:31
Hi Alex,

Here is an article from Kingslake on the Cone's written in 1962 for Image Magazine (KODAK). Milan Z is the most knowledgable on these lenses.


alex from holland
21-May-2012, 04:02
Thanks Dan,

Interesting info


alex from holland
21-May-2012, 04:02

as there is so few info available i will give it a try.


21-May-2012, 09:51
Here are some images from Milan's tutorial on Cones...


and here http://www.pacificrimcamera.com/milanpub/CCTutor/ccl2/FrameSet.htm