View Full Version : Any custom lab that will develop Ilford FP5 12x20" ??????

23-Jan-2004, 13:23
I am looking for a custom lab that will develop Ilford FP5 12"x20" and do contact prints as well. Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks ! please email to :guerrabn@aol.com

rich silha
23-Jan-2004, 14:03
please check out www.richprints.com and give me a call.

Michael Kadillak
23-Jan-2004, 14:14
No big deal, but I believe that your film reference is HP5 as that is the only Ilford film that I am aware of that is available in 12x20. In my experience most labs are geared to a maximum of 8x10 as that is about the limitations of their gaseous burst / dip and dunk equipment. Maybe someone else would chime in with such a service, but I am not aware of such a lab.

IMHO, I would think that you would be far better off asking what ULF photographers are available in your area to assist you accomplish your development objectives with this film. A general "Help Out A Fellow ULF Shooter" for which I am sure many (including myself) would be more than generous with their time and knowledge on this subject. The cheapest way to get this done is to tray develop it even if you started out with one sheet at a time.

Another very important variable in this discussion is to ascertain what is the best methodology of securing the development of this film to prepare it for the print you want to make? Are you going the alternative process route (platinum, palladium, Van Dyke etc) or are you staying with silver and contacting on Azo? The answer to this question will insure that you are utilizing the optimal choice of developer and development technique toward the desired end result. At around $7 a sheet with 12x20 film, it does not take very long to get the attention of your pocketbook. Cheers!

24-Jan-2004, 09:13
Hi, Have you thought of doing it yourself? I would recommend finding a unicolor 16x20 processing tube and do it yourself. Most labs will not custiom develop as well as you can anyway and the cost is soooo much less. Same goes for contact prints. Find a piece of foam and get a 16x24 piece of glass cut and use a 100 watt light bulb. You would be surprised how much you can do with very little. The other benefit to doing it yourself is you can standarize the times (consistancy) and you can also do it when you want to and not wait on the lab to open on Monday! All this should cost less than $100.. How many negs and contact prints is that? Hope this helps out. Good luck. Doug

John Kasaian
24-Jan-2004, 09:28
I can "second" Doug's recommendation of the 16x20 Unicolor drum.