View Full Version : Where to buy lensboard sliding clamps?

Greg Prior
23-Jan-2004, 13:22
I need to make an adapter to hold my Linhof boards on a Horseman board, and want to use the sliding clamps like those used on the Horseman/Sinar standards to hold the boards in place. Does anyone know where I can buy these slider clamps? -- Thanks, Greg

Ron Bose
23-Jan-2004, 14:03
Ask the gang down at S.K. Grimes.

They make excellent adapter boards and use their own machined sliders. I'm sure they'll be able to help.

It's always a pleasure dealing with them.

Cheers ...

John Cook
23-Jan-2004, 17:28
While Grimes is indeed a most wonderful place, I have found over the years that it is very useful to make friends with a local neighborhood machine shop.

At various times they have made me large thick threaded stainless steel plates for attaching a very long view camera to two tripods at once, 3/8" chrome-plated wing bolts, cut odd holes in metal lensboards to mount weird old lenses, and repaired cracked joints on tripod heads which had blown over.

I would hope such a bunch of dandy and handy fellows is still listed in your local Yellow Pages. Some times being right there watching is better than attempting to be understood over the phone.