View Full Version : Threaded insert for cable release missing on my Copal 3 shutter

Jess C
19-May-2012, 16:05
OK, so I got a used Fujinon W 300mm f5.6 lens the other day and I just noticed that the threaded insert that allows for threading a cable release to the lens is missing. Does anyone know where I might be able to get one that will fit the Copal 3?

E. von Hoegh
22-May-2012, 06:58
Offhand, I don't know where to get that part.
The person who sold the lens is the one who should be looking for the cable socket.

Tracy Storer
22-May-2012, 07:34
Fuji lenses in #3s of a certain vintage have an unusual "dog-ear" flanged cable release socket. When a client* accidentally ripped mine out, Adam at SKG was baffled, but I saved the old one, he was able to re-install it.
(* OK, a co-worker ripped it out the first time, then a client ripped it out the second time.....sigh)

Jess C
27-May-2012, 20:28
Well, the seller came through and sent me the replacement part and it installed without a hitch and works great. It's great to know that there are sellers who do their best to please the buyers. My Fuji 300mm is good to go.