View Full Version : Mounting APO-Symmar into Horseman Lensboard

22-Jan-2004, 21:57

I bought a used Schneider 135/5.6 and am having trouble mounting it into the LB. With my other lenses all I would have to do is uncrew the rear element, place the LB over the rear of the shutter's thread protrusion, then screw the lens's rear element back on until tight. This one makes that impossible because the rear element of the lens screws inside of the shutter as opposed to outside which would tighten the LB to the rear of the shutter. There is nothing outside to tighten the LB to the shutter. Am I missing something??


Robert A. Zeichner
23-Jan-2004, 04:48
You should never be using the rear cell to tighten the rest of the lens to the board. You might be missing the jamb nut or a flange. This is a threaded ring that retains the shutter onto the lens board. If you use the rear cell, if that were to even work, you will be changing critical spacing of the rear elements and screw up the performance of the lens.

Brian Ellis
23-Jan-2004, 07:57
You're missing the threaded ring that Robert talks about. Every Schneider lens I've owned has come with one. It's helpful to own a spanner wrench with which to tighten them but the tyne of a fork or something like that will do in a pinch. Your seller should have included it with the lens, I'd contact him or her and ask that it be sent to you, otherwise you surely can buy one from Schneider or from a dealer.