View Full Version : Compur Shutter

Paul Bien
22-Jan-2004, 21:57
Trying to get started in large format on the cheap I just received a very nice looking Zeiss Jena Tessar lens in an older Compur shutter from an aution transaction. The shutter is cocked and will not fire, I cannot urn the whell from the "M" setting towards "B or T". Is there anything I can do to trip the shutter, or have I been taken, with the shutter requiring a trip to the SKGrimes factory? Any help is much appreciated.

Bob Fowler
23-Jan-2004, 04:33
Do NOT try to force a dial set Compur shutter to the B or T setting while it's cocked! It's a sure fire way to do some serious damage to the mechanism. What you can try... turn the speed setting dial (in the direction of the arrow) to a high speed, then press the release lever. If the shutter doesn't fire, hold the release lever down and use LIGHT pressure to try to move the cocking lever back to the uncocked position - that might free the shutter. The odds are that the shutter needs work.

If all else fails, if this was a recent e**y transaction, you might consider asking the seller for a refund.