View Full Version : looking for information about Star Camera, New York.

16-May-2012, 15:47
Hy all.

I recently won a auction for a 8x10 "Star camera" made in New York city, how the identification brass said. I looked on Google for info but I did ' nt met anything about this brand. Could you help me with some info or link?

The camera is still on the way, so I could' nt upload any pic with it.

Any info will be welcome. Thanks to all to read and reply.

16-May-2012, 15:51
The back it' s a spring back type but I don' t know if would work with modern 8x10 holders. This info is very important because I don' t have any 8x10 holder, so I have to know wich type of holder should I look for.

Thanks again

Mark Sawyer
16-May-2012, 17:19
I assume you've tried:


16-May-2012, 17:23
There was an old Star Camera Co. that the new company is recycling the name from. Info on the old cameras here:

16-May-2012, 17:39
Thanks all.

Garett, you linked me the right information. I ca' nt read a lot about the camera and I ca' nt understand wich type of holder take the back.

Anyone know wich is the use of the pending curtain from the front element? I could take it out and keep a simple elment?


20-May-2012, 05:40
Any user of this camera here?