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Robert Eaves
22-Jan-2004, 15:22
Can the lens/shutter combo in the following link be mounted to a Technica lensboard (to be used on a Tachihara 4x5), if so, any comments on the lens. Lens can be viewed at : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2979942356&category=30076 Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

Steve Hamley
22-Jan-2004, 15:53

Unless the Tachihara has some unusual feature I'm not aware of, yes with some caveats. I'm using an Ilex 4 on a Technika board, but I'm using the flange as a retaining ring. As you probably know, the Technika board has a raised light trap on the rear which fits through a hole in the standard, and the flange OD is within a millimeter or two (smaller than) the OD of the light trap.

I looked at mine and concluded that if the flange were used as a flange - securing it to the board with screws and nuts as shown in the picture, the fasteners might require relieving the light trap and/or fouling the front standard depending on how big the hole in the standard is. But using the flange as a retaining ring or a real retaining ring like one purchased from S. K. Grimes would seem to work as mine does.



Ernest Purdum
22-Jan-2004, 16:29
The lens is a Tessar type made by Ilex for Calumet. The comments I have seen regarding it have been positive.

tim o'brien
22-Jan-2004, 17:12
Just a little hint...

Never put a pointer to an EBay item you are interested in on a related discussion board. Not saying anyone would try and steal it from you... but they will in a heartbeat.

tim (not interested in that particular lens) in san jose

Alan Davenport
23-Jan-2004, 01:01
I expect the shutter will mount OK; I use a #4 Alphax shutter on my Tachi without any problems. The 12" lens should focus at longer distances, but you probably won't get it to focus very close. My #4 shutter is on a 10" lens, which I can focus (w/o movements) down to 5 feet.

Bob Fowler
23-Jan-2004, 04:53
What is the max bellows draw on the Tachihara? What are the dimensions of the lensboard and the opening at the front standard?

Mark Sampson
23-Jan-2004, 05:39
If I remember from my Tachi days there is 13" of bellows. I had a Technika-type lensboard modified to take a #4 Ilex shutter, as I wanted to put a 12"/6.3 Commercial Ektar on the camera. That lens fit, and focussed to infinity and somewhat closer- but it was really too big and heavy for that small camera. Eventually I found a 300/9 Nikkor-M, which worked very well.