View Full Version : polaroid 8x10 back H

gregory t. kuhn
21-Jan-2004, 17:33
recently purchased a Polaroid 8x10 "Camera Back H" in order to get the 81-06 film holder....

Curious, anyone know what or how this "Back H" is used? My logical mind evades usefulness with this item...

(Description: see ebay item# 2978595007

It is about 18" long, pyramidal with a viewing lens on one end, a slot for the 81-06 on the other end; the holder side has a metal plate that would prevent any light from reaching the film (if the slide were removed); and there's a 12-pin connector mounted to the exterior that goes nowhere inside; meanwhile, the (seemingly) unadjustible lens focuses about half the distant to the film plane???)

Thank you for any leads... or creative suggestions!~!


Ralph Barker
21-Jan-2004, 18:58
Hmmmm. Interesting. My guess would be that this was a camera attachment for some sort of other machine used in an industrial process, where a Polaroid record of the process was required. The cord presumably connected to a control device, and activated a shutter at the back of the lens.