View Full Version : 19 inch Artar coverage on 11x14

Chris Partti
21-Jan-2004, 16:06
Done a search and reviewed some of the references out there, but the available information seems inconsistent. Could those with experience let me know whether the 19 inch Artar (Goerz Red Dot, if it matters) covers 11x14 at infinity, and, if so, with how much room for movements?

Ernest Purdum
21-Jan-2004, 17:09
The coverage rating which Goerz provided was for "same size". This might be the source of some of the inconsistencies. They listed the 19" size as up to 20" X 24". Even should this figure be somewhat conservative, it would seem that 11" X 14" coverage would be marginal, at best.

I hope that you get responses from people who have actually put one on an 11" X 14" camera.

David A. Goldfarb
21-Jan-2004, 17:27
Yes, it covers at infinity with room for modest movements when stopped down. I have mine front mounted on an Ilex 5 shutter, but it would be better for 11x14" if it were mounted with the shutter in the normal position.

David Vickery
22-Jan-2004, 10:28
Hello, I have a barrel mounted 19" R.D. Artar and have used it many times on 11x14. It works great at infinity. It covers with plenty of room for movements. I even use it on my 12x20 and have never noticed any soft corners. This is one of my favorite lenses, but I have used it less lately because I now have a 450/9 Nikkor which of course is in a shutter. The Artar is much sharper and I may go back to using it.

CP Goerz
22-Jan-2004, 11:17
I second the advice on Artar coverage for big cameras, I use one on my 8x20" Panoramic and its MMMMmmmmmGood!

CP Goerz

Bruce E. Rathbun
22-Jan-2004, 17:20
Ditto. I use my 19" Red Dot Artar on my 11"x14" at infinity with no problems. Corners are sharp. Room for movement. It even covers 8"x20" very sharp as well. Great lens.