View Full Version : Burke and James 4x5 Press Groundglass

14-May-2012, 13:58
I'm very new to the 4x5 world and bought an old B&J 4x5 Press. the old groundglass was worn, so I bought a new glass, but stupid me, I didn't notice a couple of things so now wonder how to put the new glass in.

1) Which side of the glass faces the lens? Ground side or other?

2) Does the glass sit directly on the metal recess that holds it, or are there shims or something between the glass and the metal?

Thanks! I can't wait to start shooting.


14-May-2012, 14:51
The ground side faces the lens.

Jim Jones
14-May-2012, 19:55
I don't remember seeing any shims on B&J ground glasses. The ground glass on my old B&J measures 0.196 from the face of its frame. This is typical for 4x5.

15-May-2012, 06:41
Thanks so much for the help! I appreciate it.
Now...to get it back together and take some calibrations shots.... :)