View Full Version : LF film and equipment in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale

21-Jan-2004, 08:35
Can anybody recommend an LF-equipment and/or LF-film store in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area? Thanks.

Bob Salomon
21-Jan-2004, 09:32
aperture in Miami Beach, Pitman in Miami if you need film. Aperture in MB and Carousel Studio in Miami are rental dealers with rental studios as well.

Bruce Schultz
21-Jan-2004, 19:21
You might also go by 1st Street Gallery in Boca Raton. The owner, Michael Kravit, buys film in bulk. Check the website at www.1streetgallery.com.

karl french
21-Jan-2004, 21:19
I was in Pitman a few days ago. They didn't even have a box of 4x5 T-MAX 100. They might have color large format film, but thats not my thing so i didn't ask. Precision Photo in Boca has 4x5 film.

I'm finding out after being here for 8 months that south Florida is pretty bleak when it comes to good camera stores. I guess now I know how good I had it in the SF bay area.

good luck


Michael J. Kravit
22-Jan-2004, 08:52

The 1st Street Gallery in Boca Raton is owned by Jeffery Segar not Michael Kravit.


22-Jan-2004, 13:38
Thank you all very much, you are a great bunch.

Michael J. Kravit
22-Jan-2004, 18:03
South Florida is a tough place to find LF equipment and film.

Two places I know of that sell 4x6 Polaroid and TMX is Pro-Angle Photo in Boca Raton, and the Palm Beach Photographic Center in Delray Beach. I have never had any luck buying LF film in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami.

Having lived in S. Florida since 1972, I can tell you that the pickings are slim and I order my LF film and gear primarily from Badger Graphic. With FedEx I get it the next day when needed.

Good Luck Mike