View Full Version : Bought a new lens and I'm worried.

12-May-2012, 20:30
hi guys,

i bought a brand new Schender 120mm lens and it has only what I can describe as a "speck" in the lens. Neither wiping the front of the lens or the back of the lens removes the speck. It's as if the speck is inside the glass.

i haven't shot with the lens yet and probably won't anytime soon due to demands of day job. I am brand new to LF and I'm wondering if I have anything to worry about with this speck.

thank you for your answers in advance.

12-May-2012, 20:34
It probably won't affect the image at all, but if I bought a NEW lens (at what they cost!) and wasn't 100% happy with it, then back it would go for exchange. Even if you are convinced that it doesn't matter, it will get to you just a little even if you own it for years. It ain't worth it.

Leonard Evens
12-May-2012, 20:58
I agree that it probably won't make any detectable difference, but you do have grounds for returning the lens should you want to.

The speck by itself will at worst increase flare very slightly, but it could indicate other damage to the lens. Try some careful tests. If the lens seems to be performing well, you can probably ignore it.

Marc B.
12-May-2012, 21:23
Hope this isn't early onset of 'Schneider-itis.'
A 'speck.'...there's a great deal of variance in peoples definition to the word, speck.
If the speck is easily visible to the naked eye without shining a light into the lens...I might think about sending it back.
However, if the speck can only be seen under close scrutiny...illumination and magnification...probably not a big deal.

12-May-2012, 21:51
well doing a search under "Scheneder-itis" on this forum and reading the posts, it kinda sounds like what I see in my lens: a tiny white spec

12-May-2012, 23:50
The speck won't affect image quality at all. However, if it really is that easily seen it will likely affect resale value when you go to sell eventually. I'd exchange it, just for that reason.

Kent in SD

13-May-2012, 05:53
Return it, get a used one for 1/3 the cost.

Brian Ellis
13-May-2012, 07:07
If you closely examine any lens, e.g. by removing the lens caps and holding the lens up to a strong light while varying the angle of views, at some angles you'll likely see some weird looking things in there, maybe some dust, maybe just reflections, who knows. Lenses aren't assembled in clean rooms. I'd ignore the speck except for the reason Two gives - unfortunately some buyers think lenses should be paragons of the glass-maker's art instead of what they are - industrial products assembled in a factory. So the speck might affect resale value if you get a picky buyer.

John Kasaian
13-May-2012, 07:13
Brand spankin' new from the factory? Or new to you?
For what brand new lenses cost, I'd demand perfection.
For used glass, it depends on the size & the price paid. One little mark shouldn't be an image killer and can be a point for negotiating the price down a wee bit.

Kevin Crisp
13-May-2012, 07:34
If you bought it new, I'd ask for one without the fault. No effect on the image, but it does affect resale value.

13-May-2012, 11:21
yes brand new from factory, john

13-May-2012, 14:03
yes brand new from factory, john

Send it back for a perfect lens; that's what you're entitled to when you're paying brand-new prices.

13-May-2012, 14:19
return it, get a full refund
and get a new one,hopefully
without a "speck"

or you could always ask for a 90% refund
and just use the lens.
a speck won't amount to anything
( people fill cracks and chips with india ink )

good luck !