View Full Version : Brass or aluminium artars, which is better for mounting in a shutter?

John Kasaian
20-Jan-2004, 22:34
I came across my first aluminium RD Artar---amazingly lightwieght! I was wondering if, aside from the benefits of a lighter lens, there are any pros and cons regarding having one mounted into a shutter, as opposed to the older brass Artars? (I suppose the aluminium version wouldn't be much help in beating off a brunching mountain lion, but I was thinking along the lines of more conventional usage) I wouldn't think there would be a difference, but maybe someone here can enlighten me in case there is.------Thanks!

Ernest Purdum
21-Jan-2004, 04:33
Since all the machining is done on the rings which will adapt the cells to the shutter, it shouldn't matter which material is used in the cell structure.

Bruce Watson
21-Jan-2004, 08:24
No difference. Either will work just fine.

That said, I'll take the lighter weight of aluminum any day. I've got a 14" RD Artar in a Compur #2 shutter that is amazing, and amazingly light weight too. And no, it's not for sale!

CP Goerz
22-Jan-2004, 11:15
Although the aluminum is lighter and therefore more attractive to the person carrying the thing brass has the advantage of holding its tolerances better through temperature extremes. Whether you could see this on the film is another matter but that little ditty came from a long time in the biz lens repair tech.

CP Goerz