View Full Version : Badger Brand M2 Monorail 4X5

Ed Candland
20-Jan-2004, 11:35
Looks to me as if Badger is selling the Toho 4x5 with a Badger brand lable for much less than the Toho brand. Looks like a sweet deal. Anyone have any details?

Ken Cravillion
20-Jan-2004, 22:28
I just spent a week reviewing one. I'll have a review up on my site very soon.

When I do, I'll post it here.

Ed Candland
21-Jan-2004, 07:08
So to cut to the chase a bit. Ken is it exactly like the Toho FC-45X?

21-Jan-2004, 07:48
So does this mean a spring back?

Leonard Evens
21-Jan-2004, 07:53
Someone else has been told by Badger that it is exactly the same as the Toho FC-45X. It certainly looks exactly the same in their picture. Everything Badger has told me in the past has been correct, and I would trust them to tell the truth. So, if you are in doubt, you can just ask them.

It certainly seems like a good buy at about $850. It takes all the Toho accessories. One thing that is not clear is why anyone would buy a Toho from Badger, the sole supplier in the US, when they could buy the Badger brand instead at a lower price.

Ken Cravillion
21-Jan-2004, 10:44
Yes, same as the Toho.