View Full Version : Kodak Anastigmat Lens

19-Jan-2004, 21:36
Is anyone familiar with a No. 33 Kodak Anastigmat F-4.5 7 1/2" Lens? I've recently come across one and was just wondering how well it may perform before I go and run some film through it. Is it fine on its own, or would I need any filters to improve sharpness or contrast? Thanks for any insight you can provide!

John Kasaian
19-Jan-2004, 21:59

One came aboard my 5x7 Speed Graphic. I think its the same tessar animal as a Kodak Ektar sans the single coat. Its not as contrasty as the Ektars, but thats not neccesarily a bad thing---I kind of like the look, although I haven't used it in situations where flair would be an issue, nor could I tell you how it performs with color film. Its a nice lens, a useful lens, and certainly something to consider if you're on a budget, but I wouldn't pay a lot of money for one. OTOH, if it were the only lens I owned, I don't feel that I'd be at a disadvantage either.---Cheers!