View Full Version : Need a part for an old Symmar

Erik Asgeirsson
19-Jan-2004, 16:29
I have an old 150mm Symmar convertable lens with a Compur shutter, and the aperture tab broke off. If anyone knows of a source for parts like this, or if anyone has a non-working example of a Compur shutter of this age (it probably doesn't even have to be the same size shutter), please let me know. The knob is an integral part of a small pointer that resides over the aperture scale, which is in turn held onto the shutter by means of a small screw. All I'd need is the pointer with the knob, so just the little "arm" that attaches with a small screw. Thanks!

Dan Fromm
19-Jan-2004, 19:39
Eric, I have a similar problem with a #00 Prontor Press. Talked things over with the guys at SKGrimes, who say they have the parts. Suggest you discuss with them, the worst outcomes are that the price will be higher than you're willing to pay or that they don't, after all, have the part you need.