View Full Version : Old Schneider Xenar 240mm 4.5 in compound 1 - Covering and sample images

6-May-2012, 12:42

I am searching for a nice portrait lens in order to use for my next portrait project and therefore would like to know if this lens covers 8x10 ,
and if someone here has made portraits with this lens ( look/bokeh/sharpness)

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6-May-2012, 14:32
Have a look at this page https://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/xenar/data/4,5-420mm.html

Don't have a clue about coverage on the xenar or images but I hope the linked page atleast gives you an idea of coverage - I've just bought a Symmar 240mm from Ebay for 60. But as far as I am aware wide open you will be quite impressed. (Though at this stage I'm using it on 5x4)

Here's a thought have a wee look over on flickr, there could be a few examples over there.

Mark Sampson
6-May-2012, 17:03
I would expect that a 240mm Xenar (a Tessar-type lens) would barely cover 8x10 at small stops, e.g. f/22. It will be fairly wide on 8x10 as well. Such a lens wouldn't be my choice but it might work for you.

7-May-2012, 01:21
Thank you very much for your help, i realized and had forgotten that a nice Portrait distance at 8x10 Starts at arround 360mm , yes its Kind of wide , perhaps more of a Outdoor bodyshots Lens , i will have a Look if i can find some Sample Images

Michael E
9-May-2012, 16:11
I would expect that a 240mm Xenar (a Tessar-type lens) would barely cover 8x10 at small stops, e.g. f/22.

From my experience with 4.5 Tessars, I would expect to get very soft corners at infinity, even at small stops. For the Xenar, Schneider claims an image circle of 282mm at f16.


Ole Tjugen
9-May-2012, 21:16
Here's a Xenar example, shot wiide open with lots of swing and a touch of tilt, 300mm f:4.5 Xenar on 5x7" film:


Paul Ewins
10-May-2012, 00:08
Schneider sold this as a 5x7 (13 x 18cm) lens. At portrait distances you might get enough extra image circle to cover 8x10, and of course the corners don't usually matter as much in a portrait so vignetting/fuzziness might not be a big issue for you. I would note that the 240 Xenar comes in a Compound IV, not a Compur 1, which is a much larger shutter and has a maximum top speed of 1/75. Again, this may not matter to you.

10-May-2012, 03:50
Great one Ole!

Thank you for you help so far, i have it mounted on the compound 1 shutter with the 1/75th max shutterspeed , i will try to mount it on the 8x10 and see how much coverage i get in portrait distance, maybe i can use it for 4x5 too

here is a picture of the beauty :-)


10-May-2012, 05:47
That lens will cover 8x10 with room for movement (small ones) I use one on 8x10 often. The corners won't be very sharp on 8x10 regardless of what stop and I like that. Some may not. Here's a shot on 8x10 infrared film. It's not the best example to show edge coverage or sharpness.