View Full Version : This is what I call a complete studio set!

Steven Tribe
5-May-2012, 15:55
We buyers of studio sets are often sad about the lack of holder/sliding backs etc. that have got lost through the years.
This is a set which has just about everything possible, I think. But not quite the right setups for the current LF interests!

Emil Schildt
5-May-2012, 16:51
WOW - something you got? Looks fantastic..

Mark Woods
5-May-2012, 16:58

5-May-2012, 19:54
No plastic & chrome, but a whole lot of gorgeous wood & brass!

Kent in SD

Steven Tribe
6-May-2012, 03:29
Emil, it is still on e**y.de!

This is so special that I am sure that mentioning it it will not influence anything - except, perhaps, to find someone who needs this set for their current/planned "Museum of Studio Photography".
It looks like a Continental set, but is actually very English - "Bilcliff" of Manchester.

Emil Schildt
6-May-2012, 03:54
I must be the worst person in the world in the searching capabillity.....

have looked at thousands of images - just can't find it.....

Steven Tribe
6-May-2012, 04:15
Sorry Billcliff.

Search engines on e**y don't work well with .de and .fr listings!

10 hours and it is 261014045567.
No lenses of interest, so the price will be considered too much for those only interested in parts of the set.