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4-May-2012, 16:00
New here. Found this forum while searching for info on some old optics I got in a box at an auction. I'm wondering if any might be for large format cameras. I have a feeling I may have some telescope parts in the mix, but I just don't know. I'm a photography enthuaisist but have not ventured into large format. This is one of those deals you get when you bid on something else.
Here's a guide to what is in the photos (from left to right). :
1. some kind of filter holder (?)
(back row)
2. Bausch & Lomb OPtical Co. ROchester N.Y. U.S.A. 3173229 (maybe 3 optics, visable one marked 18 In. E.F.)
3.Bausch & Lomb OPtical Co. ROchester N.Y. Maggard-Bradley Co. Moreehead, Ky. (maybe 2 Optics, top one marked 5 1/8 in E.F. B & L O Co)
4. Gundlach - Manhattan Optical Co. ROchester N.Y. (Maybe 3 optics, visable one marked with name, 5 1/2" and Front)
5. Bausch & Lomb tube (Maybe 3 optics. Tube marked B & L O Co., 3 In. E.F., and Front)
(Front Row)
6. Maybe an eye piece? No name marking. Graduated 4 3 2 1 0 +1 +2 . "Right" appears to be written by hand on brass.
7. ?
8. ?
9. Threaded barrell with maybe 2 optics. Embossed label says 2.5 IN. f/3.5 Miyauchi

Other Picture
2 Koncia optics. Maybe from a camera but I found vague references to a copier. Just throwing it out here in case it applies.

Any help with these ID's appreciated.



Jon Shiu
4-May-2012, 16:06
They are mostly projector lenses, but you can use them on cameras like large format or digital.