View Full Version : Linhof Tech 45

Rusty Jarrett
17-Jan-2004, 19:41
I have owned a Linhof Super Color ST for many years. I have just added a Technikardan 45 and have never owned a field camera before. Any users of this camera that could share their knowledge would be greatly valued.

Thanks, Rusty Jarrett

Andre Noble
17-Jan-2004, 21:58
I've never used one before either but send the 45 to me and I'll see what I can do to help out. I promise to give it back soon.

Brian Ellis
18-Jan-2004, 08:48
There are two reviews of the Technikardan, one by Paul Butzi and one by me,plus a lot of comments by other users, in the camera review section of this web site. You might find some of the information there helpful, especially the information about folding the camera without wrinkling the bellows. I've also written a review of it on my web site at www.ellisgalleries.com but it's mostly a condensed version of the one written here.