View Full Version : Polaroid Series Forty Roll Film Adapter

Renato Tonelli
3-May-2012, 20:04
Someone gave me this. I have no clue as to what it is - searches have made it even more confusing. Any Clue?
Thanks in advance

4-May-2012, 00:23
Polaroid has not made roll film in years. I believe this is throughly obsolete.

4-May-2012, 04:33
This is part of a Polaroid MP-4 repro camera unit. Early Polaroid cameras were for roll film, which came in at least two sizes. The Polaroid roll film cameras (models 80, 95, 800, 900 110 etc.) are now popular for conversion to Polaroid pack film or 4x5 sheet film. What you have is more or less the opposite, and old film back which allowed to use instant film on 4x5 cameras in the fifties, sixties and seventies(?).


Mark Sampson
4-May-2012, 06:25
Polaroid roll film has been gone since the 1980's. You have a museum piece.

4-May-2012, 07:25
Ah, yes... I remember the demise of Polaroid roll film. A sad time. A sad time, indeed. The beginning of the end for a great company which had great products.

Renato Tonelli
4-May-2012, 07:41
Thanks all - I don't like throwing things out but I guess I will.