View Full Version : Just found this source of leather, seals and others

3-May-2012, 10:18
I'm in no way associated with them, read about it at Tokyo Camera Style:


3-May-2012, 10:25
Do you think they could make me some pants?

Mike Anderson
3-May-2012, 10:30
Interesting. I've used cameraleather.com, but the place you mention has a different selection of materials and supported cameras.

7-May-2012, 12:33
I have ordered a leather kit from him before. Really good quality stuff, on par with Morgan's kits over at cameraleather.com. But Aki-Asahi's site is down a lot of them time for maintenance and what not. That's my only gripe with him. (but then again I'm too impatient, it's my A.D.D. kicking in:p )

David R Munson
7-May-2012, 21:09
This is the problem with that blog. It induces camera lust and leads me to pick up on new ways to spend money. Earlier tonight I was enjoying my Fuji 35mm film cases, which I never would have found and spent too much money on if it hadn't been for Tokyo Camera Style.