View Full Version : Where is the official Tachihara Web Site?

Chris Gosnell
16-Jan-2004, 21:22

Does anyone know the official Tachihara web site address? The closest thing I have found is: http://www.binder.co.jp/handyview/index.htm

That link does NOT work. Thanks for any info.


Oren Grad
16-Jan-2004, 22:31
So far as I can tell, they don't have one. The Tachihara ad in the December '03 issue of Nippon Camera makes no mention of a web address - even tiny Nagaoka lists their web page in their ad, so surely if Tachihara had one they'd list it. A search of Yahoo Japan also turned up nothing.

Midwest Photo Exchange provides partial specifications for some of the Tachihara models on their website. There's no direct link - you have to go to www.mpex.com, click on the "current inventory" and then the "large format" and "tachihara" links to get to it.

Is there some other specific information are you looking for? Perhaps I or someone else here can direct you to another source for it.

Frank Petronio
17-Jan-2004, 07:36
Several large format manufacturers claim their market is too small to justify spending money on a decent website, advertising, or product literature. Yet many individual photographers have personal websites that are vastly better than even Sinar's or Toyo's... Much less the non existent websites for Arca-Swiss, Phillips, or Tachihara; or the barely minimal ones for Canham or Linhof.

You have to wonder, if a manufacturer did a half way decent job of marketing their cameras how many more they would sell? In terms of a specialty niche item like a large format camera - which very few dealers stock - it seems like a no brainer to market it via the internet with a detailed website full of - you guessed it - photos of the camera!

Good luck - your best bet may be finding a listing on eBay with good photos and a seller willing answer your questions.

Tony Galt
17-Jan-2004, 07:52
Try the Badger Graphic website for photos of most models and specifications-- http://www.badgergraphic.com/search.asp?x=largeformat You'll need to scroll the large format camera box to Tachihara and press "Go".

Sal Santamaura
17-Jan-2004, 14:59
Specifically with respect to lack of a Web site, Frank says: "You have to wonder, if a manufacturer did a half way decent job of marketing their cameras how many more they would sell?"

In the case of Phillips, no more. His product sells itself so well he stopped accepting orders to catch up.