View Full Version : Adapting Toyo C 'view' Lens Boards

Ed Bray
2-May-2012, 11:30
I have a Toyo C Monorail, I have been picking up used lens boards when they become available at a reasonable price but have been unable to source one with a Copal 3 sized hole. Having had a think about it I thought that it may be better for me to have a Toyo flat lens-board 'cut' to provide a large square cutout and then make some individual lens boards that can be easily mounted/dismounted onto the front of that. This would also seem to be more useful if I pick up a field camera and want to use my collection of lenses on both cameras.

Are there any reasons that this isn't a workable idea?

2-May-2012, 12:07
Looks like KEH has one today, BGN for $25.

If shipping to UK makes sense, might save you some drilling. :^)

Toyo also makes lens adaptor boards much like you’re describing – for example, their “Linhof-to-Toyo” adaptor board. I use one of these to switch mounted lenses between my Toyo 45c and Tachi 4x5 w/ ease. The Toyo adaptor board comes flat (like below) or recessed. You can see how a smaller Linhof board would snap right into place. Rather expensive, but very convenient.

Ed Bray
2-May-2012, 12:29
Thanks for the heads up, I assume BGN means bargain?

2-May-2012, 12:31
Yes, but it really means “excellent” since we’re talking KEH.

Ed Bray
2-May-2012, 12:35
Okay brilliant, I like the look of that adapter, that looks similar to what I was thinking of doing.