View Full Version : Rotating polarizer on Lee system - any?

Alex Batchinski
16-Jan-2004, 16:20

I tried to find any answer in the net but couldn't, so...

I started using Lee filters system and I need a polarizer for their 105 mm adapter. The question is can I use any 105 mm polarizer or only Lee's one will fit? (I was confused by Lee Frost's book where it says that Lee's polirizer has "shallower thread").

Thank you

Julio Fernandez
17-Jan-2004, 00:26
Alex: Many users seem unaware of the fact that the Lee adapter ring has an internal thread that can take up a polarizer. The internal thread is of the same diameter as the external male thread. This enables you to install and rotate the polarizer independently of the Lee filter. In this way you avoid having to use the humongous 105 filter. Also with the 105 adapter ring for that polarizer you can not use the Lee hood.

Alex Batchinski
17-Jan-2004, 04:09
Thanks, Julio.

But to clarify things - have I use 105 mm Lee polarizer or I can fit any 105 mm (B+W, Heliopan, etc) ?

Doug Meek
17-Jan-2004, 12:06
Hi Alex.

I use a 105mm B&W polarizer with my Lee system. No problem at all.

Dan Baumbach
17-Jan-2004, 15:34
You can buy a ring to put on the Lee Square Filter Holder to hold their 105mm polarizer. The best site for figuring out the Lee system that I've found is Robert White in England. They'll also respond to your email questions promptly. And, as far as I can tell, their prices are competitive with US prices for Lee filters even after you add the additional shipping charges.

I bought my Lee filter about 6 months ago. That price benefit might have changed with the ever lowering value of the dollar overseas.

- Dan.

Alex Batchinski
17-Jan-2004, 17:54
Thank you for your responses.