View Full Version : Sinar Copal shutter repair?

29-Apr-2012, 14:18
Bummer deal, looks like I got ripped off from eBay.
1st time for me, but still, this was a lot of monies, sigh...

Anywho, is there a place that would repair these?
It is stuck open, was working great, then, does not "release".
Seems the internal mechanism is stuck?

My guess it'll be cheaper to buy yet another, sigh...

erie patsellis
29-Apr-2012, 15:42
Are you sure it's stuck open? It could quite likely just be that you opened it with the control on the side. Do you have (and have you read) the manual? (available from the camera eccentric site) Be sure you fully understand how to operate the shutter, I suspect that a hamfisted approach will break it for sure.


29-Apr-2012, 18:07
Thanks, definatley read the manual. Been through it all, before playing with it, I know it well.
Like I said, it was working okay, then, it is now stuck open.

29-Apr-2012, 18:22
Woah! It's "cleared! Yey me!
Wow, dunno wtf was going on, but, after a bit more play it is working again.
I gave after trying earlier today.
Now cooled down, me, I tried it again.
Strange, maybe intermittent?

29-Apr-2012, 18:29
Sooo, now I'm wondering earlier if the lens was somehow touching the shutter?
I made doubly damn sure it wasn't.
But it's sure working again now, UNMOUNTED.
Will try again mounted.

30-Apr-2012, 22:48
It happens when you don't wait enough!
You gotta wait some time between shots.
It's very likely to happen when you "test" the shutter, not when you actually use it for taking pictures.
If the shutter can't be revived, open it (attention with the small screws) and gently push a lever towards the outside.
I don't remember exactly where it is, but it was the FIRST thing i touched with the screwdriver after i removed the cover!
It's really simple, believe me.

have fun