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David Kashuba
15-Jan-2004, 13:42
Just picked up a 240 Graphic Kowa in barrel. The rear element removes easy and screws into my copal 3s. The front element seems to be one piece with the barrel. This does not match the threads of the 3s. Am I missing something here? Do some front elements of 240's come appart and screw dirrectly into the 3s copals and others do not?

-David Kashuba.

Jim Galli
15-Jan-2004, 14:53
I've got one too. So either you and me are both too dumb to figure it out or there are some that do come apart and some that don't.

tim atherton
15-Jan-2004, 14:58
Jim - didn't you get that hacksaw I sent you last time this came up... ;-)

Jim Galli
15-Jan-2004, 16:28
I built a dedicated 6X6 'dorff to 4X4 reducer with a Packard so I can use all of the different barrel lenses. Wouldn't want to waste a good hack saw.

David Vickery
15-Jan-2004, 18:28
There are some real small set screws(3 of them) in the barrel that hold the front group in. You have to take them out and then use the proper tool to remove the lens cell from the barrel. If you don't have an adjustable lens spanner wrench then you may be able to unscrew the cell with a piece of rubber that fits into the front of the cell. But you have to be sure that you don't unscrew the retaining ring that holds in the individual elements. You could possibly mess up the alignment if you do that.

David Kashuba
16-Jan-2004, 08:32
Mr. Vickery-

Thanks for the reply. The only screw visable controls the iris ring.

-David Kashuba.