View Full Version : Lens hood / filter holder for 42mm drop-in filters?

28-Apr-2012, 09:27

i have a chance to buy set of 5 linhof filters in original boxes for 20E. these are referred as 42mm drop-in, slip-in or lollipop filters, but i do not know what lens hood / filter holder i need to use it with 150mm xenar and 90mm angulon (40.5mm thread i think). i`d liket to ask few questions:

1. is this a fair price for such set (20E) ?
2. how can i find proper lens hood / filter holder for these filters - what would be the name / product number (if any) of original linhof part?
3. would it be wide enough for 90mm angulon to avoid vignetting in such configuration (lens-lenshood-filter)?

thank you very much

David A. Goldfarb
28-Apr-2012, 11:43
There are a couple of different styles of filter holder/shade combos for the 42mm drop-in filters. You just have to keep an eye out for them on eBay. I've never seen them advertised with the part numbers. They also made at least two styles of leather cases for the filters and hood. To use with the 90mm Angulon, just remove the hood from the filter holder. 20 EUR seems like a good price for 5 filters. The 135mm Sironar-N/Caltar II N is another lens that works with that size filter.

David A. Goldfarb
28-Apr-2012, 14:55

Here are the two different versions and one of the cases for the older style.