View Full Version : Shen-Hao users: 180mm, 240mm lenses

MIke Sherck
15-Jan-2004, 08:36
I'd like to know how close the Shen-Hao 4x5 (as sold by Badger, Midwest Photo, etc.) will focus a 240mm lens. Additionally, while the specs say that it will *just* make it, has anyone tried to focus a 180mm lens at 1:1 with this camera, and did it work? Thanks!


evan clarke
15-Jan-2004, 08:49
Hi Mike, I have a Shen-Hao, but my lenses go 210 to 300. A 150 lives on the camera. I could throw the 210 on and see how much more draw is available (if this would help)..Evan Clarke

Gem Singer
15-Jan-2004, 14:36
Hi Mike,

I assume you are referring to the HZX 45AII model. Using a combination of axis tilts and base tilts, on both the front and rear standards, it is possible to obtain about 360mm of extension using the normal bellows. You can calculate your closest focusing distance with the 240 lens from that figure. The 180 should, just barely, be capable of reaching 1:1.

We used a Fuji 180A and a Fuji 240A on our Shen Hao and found them to be the perfect lenses for that camera, because they were small lenses, mounted in light weight Copal 0 shutters. Larger lenses in heavy shutters seemed to put a lot of strain on the front standard at longer extensions. Our shortest wide angle lens was a Fuji 75 SWD, using a flat lensboard and a bag bellows. The longest lens we used was the Fuji 300 Tele. It was also mounted in a Copal 0 shutter and only needed 195mm. of bellows extension to focus at infinity

Dollar-for-dollar, feature-for-feature, it's hard to beat the Shen Hao HZX 45AII. Midwest Photo Exchange (mpex.com) includes a lensboard with their new Shen Hao's. They also handle Fuji lenses, new, and used. Talk to Jim. He can ship worldwide and is very easy to deal with.

Dave Moeller
15-Jan-2004, 17:46
Just to add a note about Midwest Photo Exchange: they also include the aluminum carrying case with the Shen Hao HZX 45 AII. I got mine from them a few weeks ago. Fantastic people to deal with.