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michael gilbert
15-Jan-2004, 00:19
Aloha from Maui We are doing a exibit of large format camera and images at the pacific center of photography. Anyone out there have a lens for a 12x20 camera. We plan on using all our old and rare view cameras to produce images for the show. The camera will be used on location. HELP Michael Gilbert Curator PCOP

John Kasaian
15-Jan-2004, 00:26

Aloha! Whats PCOP ??

15-Jan-2004, 07:11
Unless you're going to take it up on a regular basis, it would probably be easiest to get a process lens. You can pick one up for around $100 that will cover 16x20 or 20x24.

check glennview camera (www.glennview.com - I believe this is the famous dagor77's site) or lens and repro (www.lensandrepro.com - Jeff Kay's store).

Donald Brewster
15-Jan-2004, 11:52
A minor correction: Glenn Evans of Glennview in Chicago is not Andrew Glover in LA of Dagor 77 fame. Both do know alot about LF lenses though.

15-Jan-2004, 12:02
Well, that's interesting. dagor77 is selling the same tiny little "jewlery" dagor (65mm or something) that's on Glennview's web site, and he's using the same pics. I figured that they were one in the same. sorry.

tim atherton
15-Jan-2004, 12:12

It wasn't Dagor77/Andrew Glover selling them on ebay.

15-Jan-2004, 12:40
well, the moral of the story is that too much time on Ebay makes life a blur and me feel stupid. I would have sworn it was, but then again, I guess after looking at 500 lenses, I probably don't remember that well. Sorry about that.