View Full Version : Reminder: Large Format User's Directory

David R Munson
14-Jan-2004, 23:50
I've gotten a few new additions in the last few weeks and so it's fresh on my mind. I just like to remind people periodically about the LF user's directory (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/users-directory/). The more people we have listed, the more valuable it becomes. Also helps give a better idea of the size/location of the online LF community. So I encourange any of you who aren't yet listed to check it out and submit info according to the guidelines. I especially encourage LF shooters outside the US to join the directory. Please feel free to direct any questions to me via email.

Happy shooting to all and long live LF!

[mods - please feel free to delete after a week or so]

David R Munson
15-Jan-2004, 22:37
Thanks for all the new entries! My (not-guaranteed-to-be-accurate) last count put the list at 99 people.

Sandy Sorlien
16-Jan-2004, 07:39
A quick scan of the list looks like 96 men, 3 women!

Get with the program, sisters.

Thanks again, David, for putting this together.

Cheers, Sandy (nee Sandra)