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27-Apr-2012, 05:03
I've acquired a Toyo View G from fleabay,(still awaiting delivery) I understand that pretty much all of the latest bits for the GII are compatable. Having used Sinar Fs in college, the lens board mount and fitting looks similar. Does anyone know if the lens boards are compatible or not? (through friends it looks like I can still get access to some of the college's lenses). Any help would be appreciated.

27-Apr-2012, 05:57
Hi, I don't think they are compatible. Toyo uses a 158mm lens board and Sinar uses a 141mm. Please correct me if I am wrong.

27-Apr-2012, 15:06
Cheers, with the Sinar being smaller, I'm now wondering how easy it would be to make an adaptor plate (since that's one project I'll be doing for my MPP boards).

Len Middleton
28-Apr-2012, 04:18

To reduce the complexity and clutter, you might want to standardize on the minimum different styles of lensboards to reduce the number of lensboards adaptors required.

In my case, everything that will fit onto a Technika style lensboard (Copal 3 and smaller) is mounted on one; otherwise it gets mounted onto a 6x6" Deardorff / C1 style board. I therefore only need a single lensboard adaptor to go from the smaller Technika style onto the 6x6 Dorff style, and that system works with my 4x5, 8x10, and 8x20, although of course the lenses on 6x6 boards will not fit on my 4x5 Technika.

If you can get easy access to lenses on Sinar boards, then maybe you should focus on mounting your own lenses on lensboards compatible directly with your Toyo (i.e. no adaptor required), and sell the MPP boards (unless you continue to use a MPP compatible camera) to help pay for the Toyo lensboards, then you only need to get a single adaptor to mount the Sinar boards onto your Toyo.

My thoughts based upon the information you have provided.

Good luck,