View Full Version : Horseman 4x5 Universal Groundglass Back

26-Apr-2012, 06:52

does anyone have practical experience with "Horseman 4x5 Universal Groundglass Back"? It is designed for use with 2x3 Horseman field cameras for shooting 4x5" film format.

What lenses (focal length) can be used with 2x3 camera and 4x5 groundglass back?


Oren Grad
26-Apr-2012, 07:24
I believe there are two versions of the 4x5 back - the later one has a short bellows and focusing rails, allowing a bit of extra extension, while the earlier one is fixed.

For the later one, my Horseman catalog says "can not be used with 65 and 70mm lenses". Presumably they mean the Horseman 65 and 75mm lenses, which means that the back probably extends the minimum flange-to-film distance by at least 10-15mm.