View Full Version : BTZS ExpoDev

Thomas Haley
25-Apr-2012, 17:25
Found out about this new(?) item, BTZS ExpoDev. It came on the market yesterday (April 24 I do believe). It can be seen at
Seems like something worthwhile to get. Make shooting a little more easy without the guesswork. The cost for it is $24.99.
Any thoughts or concerns about this item?

25-Apr-2012, 19:49
I bought it. It is an improvement. A little wonky in the interface with Plotter software.

Mark Barendt
26-Apr-2012, 01:48
Are you a current BTZS user?

BTZS (and therefore the app) only works as designed if you are using their system and have had the film testing done.

26-Apr-2012, 03:34
I bought it too and I find it very useful and simple to use. I confirm that the only complicated part is the transfer of files generated by the Plotter software, i.e. you have to send and email to your iphone/ipad with the files attached.
It has some other nice features like bellows and filters factor calculation, but overall it's worth buying only if you adopt the BTZS system.

26-Apr-2012, 05:17
It cost me $225. Mind you I did get a $200 Ipod to use it with. Much easier to read than the palm. Works great.