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14-Jan-2004, 11:38
hi i just got a 'Hoya' 52mm polar filter. it screws onto my film based slr camera. i guess i have 2 questions, the first is about the rotating part of the polar filter. there is white indicator on the rotating part of the lense and im not sure what its for. my second question is basically about how to use the polar filter and what it does for my pictures. thanks for your replies. you can send me your answers at eilbron@hotmail.com

Paul Kierstead
14-Jan-2004, 12:38
Just turn the filter until everything looks white and snowy. This is easier to judge if you have a large bear in the viewfinder; when the bear turns white, you have correctly adjusted the filter.

Note that using the filter for extended periods may result in frost bite and hypothermia if proper attire is not worn.

Gem Singer
14-Jan-2004, 14:06

If you look very carefully, I think you will find that your question has been entered on the wrong forum. This forum is Large Format Photography. It would also help if you would refer to your filter as a Polaroid Filter. (Actually, it works very similar to the Polaroid lenses in a pair of sunglasses, except it has the ability to adjust the degree of polarization by rotating the outer ring on the filter). This type of filter is mostly used to darken the blue sky, when using it with color film, outdoors. It will aid in removing un-wanted reflections from water and glass surfaces, when using it with black and white film. In either instance, you will need to increase your exposure about 2 1/3 stops.

Ralph Barker
14-Jan-2004, 14:29
Paul - a round of a-paws for your polar bear humor. ;-)

Eilbron - Eugene's description of a polarizing filter is accurate. While primarily used to reduce or eliminate spectral reflections from glass and such, a side benefit is darkening skies for color images. The index mark can be used to view through the filter directly, find the appropriate degree of polarization between the two filter surfaces, and then replicate that positioning once the filter is on the lens.


Bruce Schultz
15-Jan-2004, 08:01
Nice foto Ralph. Paws are so expressive. My 2 mutts are romping it up right here beside me as I type.