View Full Version : The Free Oregon Coast Workshop Dates...

Per Volquartz
14-Jan-2004, 11:08
May 2 Sunday afternoon arrival (Portland, Oregon)

May 3 - spending the day at Durst-Pro-USA in Portland "test driving" their large and very large enlargers.

May 4 onward to the coast where we will be spending the week photographing our way down to the Smith river. ...

Departure May 9 (Sunday) at noon...

More info to follow...

Per Volquartz


14-Jan-2004, 14:30
It is not possible for me to make any of the free workshops. Are there any planned for the SW united States?

Per Volquartz
14-Jan-2004, 14:52
We could plan a Free Workshop somewhere in the SW next year. What state do you live in?

Per Volquartz

14-Jan-2004, 15:28
NE Arizona. I can get to all of the major SW monument easily.

Per Volquartz
14-Jan-2004, 15:44
Our last Free Workshop this year will take place in Zion - in November...


Kirk Keyes
16-Jan-2004, 09:48

I'm in Portland - is it possible/acceptable to attend just a few of the days as opposed to the entire week?


Per Volquartz
16-Jan-2004, 10:51
Come for a day or two - or stay for the week!

When we get closer I will email you details! Then you can decide what part of the workshop you may want to participate in!

Email me if you are interested!


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