View Full Version : Fujinon A 180mm f9 tested..!

24-Apr-2012, 03:13
I have received my EBC coated Fujinon A 180 f9 and did some product shootings yesterday. Seems like it is a perfect fit for my Phase One Powerphase scanback. Produces contrast and dynamic range "just" adequate for the scanback. The modern Macro Symmars and Macro Sironars surpass any lens in this respect; the contrast amount that they are able to produce is stellar. I believe this must be due to their superior modern multi coating. Actually the modern macro lenses produce information beyond the dynamic range my scanback is capable to capture. So sometimes it is inevideble to have clips at both ends of the histogram. However under same or similar lighting conditions a Claron would produce a considerable amount of less contrast yielding large free spaces on both ends of the avaliable dynamic range. This Fujinon seems like a perfect fit.

Yet still have to shoot my good old Technorama 617 for a perfect comparison with the previous test results (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?82626-Lens-shootout-on-the-table). I will post results later this week..

Lynn Jones
26-Apr-2012, 12:43
Fujinon A and AS were 6 element apo lenses covering 252mm or 6.5"x8.5". Very fine lenses which I have personally used.