View Full Version : 360 f9 Graphic Kowa and 360mm f9 apo-Nikkor

S. Preston Jones
13-Jan-2004, 21:29
Does anyone have experience with both the 360 Graphic Kowa and the 360 Apo-Nikkor? They both appear sharp at f22 on the ground glass of an 8x10 . I raised the lensboard 2 inches -the maximum I have and checked the edges with a 12 x magnifier and then tilted the lens until I could see falloff. It appeared to be the same with the above two lenses and a 360 f7.7 Dagor. What are the experiences with the Kowa and Nikkor? I have not had a chance to take test photos with the two lenses to see if one might be better than the other. I also only focused at f9 and f22.

14-Jan-2004, 07:47
yes----there are no significant differences. Do you possess these lenses, or were you trying them at a shop? If the former, take pix and post results, please. If the latter, let price be your guide.