View Full Version : Anyone have an Ebony in So. Calif.?

Michael E. Gordon
13-Jan-2004, 16:13
I am looking into a new camera, and an Ebony is high on the list based on first-hand user comments and reports I've read. I'd love to look, touch, and feel an Ebony for 30 minutes or so to see if it's the brand I should be considering.

Does anyone in So. Calif. own one, and if so, would you be interested in meeting me sometime somewhere for lunch [on me] in exchange for me being able to check out your camera? I'm in Long Beach, and not averse to traveling anywhere within reason.

Thank you. Please contact me off-list.

Frank Filippone
13-Jan-2004, 20:14
Samy's has had them in stock... Samys in Fairfax area.

Michael E. Gordon
14-Jan-2004, 11:00
Frank: I just got off the phone from Samy's, and that's a big NEGATIVE. They do not have Ebony's in stock, unless the guy was out of his mind. Are you sure it was Samy's? Are you sure it was the Fairfax store?


Frank Filippone
14-Jan-2004, 15:49
I was last in Samys about a year ago. They had an Ebony or 2 "hanging around". I do not know of another store that has any, locally. BTW, did you speak to Frank at Samys? He is the LF guy......

Michael E. Gordon
14-Jan-2004, 15:59
I don't know that I spoke with Frank, but the guy I spoke with seemed pretty sure of himself.

Someone local contacted me off-list who I may meet with on Tuesday, so I may get to see an Ebony nearby after all. Thank you.

Paul Bien
15-Feb-2004, 21:53
Michael I just ordered an Ebony 45SU. If you are still are interested, let me know. Maybe we can scope it out together. Paul