View Full Version : "Albert Glock & Co" Lens: Black Paint?

Drew Bedo
23-Apr-2012, 07:25
I have run across (internet) a lens maked "Albert Glock & Co" It hah a waterhouse stop and is mounted on what I think is a quarter-plate sized, dry-plate camera. The lens is painted black.

Can't find any refrence with a quick web search . . .anybody have any information on this?

23-Apr-2012, 07:43
You mean this one?
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110862462364#ht_929wt_1344 You didn't mention it has other writing that indicates it's European.

Not much that I can find in a 1 minute search of Google books, where I usually find info. If there were a few dozen American resellers, it seems there were even more in Europe that put their names on simple Aplanats.

23-Apr-2012, 08:58
"Albert Glock & Cie." was a camera shop in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 1861 until 2003. The lens was probably manufactured by another lens maker and then branded by this shop. Here's a link to a Wiki from the city of Karlsruhe:

The lens depicted in the eBay offer is named "Rectilinéaire Extra Rapide", which points to a French lens maker of a rapid rectilinear (RR) lens. The original design was introduced by Dallmeyer and a similar lens (Aplanat) was invented by Steinheil in the late 1860's.


Drew Bedo
24-Apr-2012, 16:07

Thanks . . .a lot.

25-Apr-2012, 02:10
That's Gaston, not Albert.